Hey there! I'm Todd.

I believe every person is blessed with natural gifts, and I work with them to build upon these gifts or discover them in the first place.

Sometimes the work is conscious, but oftentimes not. 

People resist even their own desired results. I’m particularly good at bypassing resistance in people of all ages—in fact, many favorite clients have been children.

People have been helped with a range of things from overcoming shyness and anxiety (test-taking, performing, speaking), redirecting anger and frustration, to managing hyperactivity.

I love people and connecting with them where they are, not where they or someone else think they should be. I love guiding people to "find their voice," their personal creative expression. Folks tell me our work together leads them to feel more alive and having choices.

To me, every client and every situation is unique and requires a personalized approach. As a result, no two sessions are the same. 

My Mission

I believe that all people are geniuses, but sometimes, they get stuck. I help people discover their unique genius and guide them to consciously implement it in their lives.

My Core Values

Relentless loyalty. Mental & Behavioral Flexibility over rigidity. Connectivity is everything. Committed to preserving client uniqueness at all costs. Dedicated to lifelong learning & exploration.

My resume might look something like...


B.A. in Musical Composition
Manhattan School of Music

M.A. in Industrial Psychology/Human Resources Education
Fordham University


St. Peter’s College

Musical Director
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Anniversary Production
The Beacon Theater, New York City
Japan Tour

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certified
10 Certifications in NLP, including Master, Trainer. Studied DIRECTLY with the Developers and Co-Creator of NLP. 
NLP University

EFT Certified. And YES COACH Certified
Under Carol Look

SACAT (Strategic Attraction Coaching and Training) Certified 

Certified Yoga Teacher
Aligned Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 200hr RYT
Yoga Culture


Geraldine Dodge Foundation Grant

Wholley Award
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Best Instructional Video
“World’s Greatest Photography Course”
Chicago Film Festival


Modern Learning Theory
In 1998, I introduced to the New York City school system what’s now known as “modern learning theory," with 2 training programs. This learning practice focuses on recognizing each student’s unique learning style (e.g. visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and creating a teaching style and classroom environment flexible enough to address all the students’ needs.  

Executive Coaching, Speaking, Creativity Workshops, and Team-Building
I've worked with General Electric, the Loma Linda Medical University Transplant Division, and the Amadeus Corporation. Additionally, I've customized consulting for a wide variety of small businesses in industries ranging from financial services to wellness and food/grocery industries. And I was on Tony Robbins' staff.

Professional Pianist
I’ve done numerous television and radio performances, and have scored more than 25 films, videos and commercials. I’ve played gigs at clubs and private events all around New York City, including appearing on the Joe Franklin show (he introduced me as “red hot on the NYC cabaret scene”), and four years as the house pianist at Garvin’s Jazz Club. 

Musical Collaboration
I have worked and collaborated with internationally renowned musicians and artists including Meatloaf, Gregg Burge (who choreographed Michael Jackson’s music videos for “Bad” and “Thriller”), and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and author Paul Zindel.
Compose, improvise, and arrange like a pro in as little as one day! Click here to purchase my ebook on amazon now!

Some Kind Words

"In addition to his remarkable skills as a musician, composer, and teacher, Todd is an accomplished psychotherapist. As a physician and psychiatrist myself, my discussions with him about psychological issues have revealed his impressive depth of knowledge and experience, in the areas of individual, family, and group dynamics, as well as Transference and Countertransference issues.

Lawrence C. Turtil, M.D.

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